What is Bio Film?

What is Bio Film?

A bio film is an organized structure of microorganisms, adhered to surface in an encasement of a self produced extracellular matrix. These communities of bacteria can thrive and survive in water and on surfaces and will multiply if not eradicated.

Biofilm is notoriously difficult to eradicate with common place disinfectants. 


Bio films appear to be the most common lifestyle of various pathogens and their formation has been acknowledged as a key factor in their virulence. The clinical repercussions and indisputable medical relevance has led to an increasing amount of attention on the subject and the capacity of existing disinfectants to disrupt biofilms deserves thorough investigation.


The efficacy of EBG Water Treatment against the formation of bio films in water systems, as well as the eradication of preformed bio films by Equine Bio Genie disinfectant has been scientifically investigated by independent research facilities.

Bespoke Equine Testing

We have gone to the very well respected equine laboratory of the Irish Equine Centre to have additional efficacy testing carried out. 

We have commissioned testing done to unusually low contact times across various dilution rates. These tests were carried out using an equine serum as an interfering agent under clean and dirty conditions