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We at Equine BIO Genie understand the sacrifices that are made for our horses and our sport, we have made them ourselves. We are not salespeople, but rather a passionate team of experts whom are bringing the latest technologies combined with rigorous research to enable our horses to benefit.

With first-hand experience in all aspects of horseracing; from breeding, preparing, training and race riding – we at EQUINE BIO GENIE understand how difficult it is just getting to the racecourse in peak condition.

There are endless variables to conspire against on race day. Some things are out of our control, but what we can control, is the environment in which our horses live.

The great news is that we can deliver the BIO-SECURITY solution you need. Learn more below, or make an enquiry with us today.


On an extensive or complicated - or indeed emergency job, such as dealing with a viral/bacterial breakout, we would gain a complete understanding of the requirements and deliver a service accordingly.

In the case of a confirmed infestation or outbreak, we could alter the balance of the product and take the necessary steps in order to deal with the threat head-on.

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