Our yard service is available to all horse owners, regardless of level or discipline. Equine pathogens don’t discriminate between horse so neither do we.

Treatment Information

Our Team, usually consisting of a minimum of 2 people will arrive at your yard with high tech ‘nebulising machines’ and treat the entire yard with a very fine mist consisting of our advanced disinfectant. We will treat all stables, transport, walkers, tack rooms and any ancillary areas to ensure full coverage.

  • After treatment – the horse is free to go straight back into the stable…no downtime, no drying, no rinsing. 
  • The product can be sprayed onto buckets, feed mangers, troughs and bedding 
  • The product is efficacious in the presence of organic matter, so the requirement for a perfectly clean stable is much less.
  • Fully trained team equipped to handle horses.
  • Specially adapted machines for full coverage.
  • All areas treated inc. walkers / transport / tack room / feed room / ancillary areas
  • How long does it take : approx. 20 stables per hour. 
  • Certification and stickers of biosecurity service can be provided 
  • Minimum prep required – no need to remove feed or bedding, leave in place no rinse  

Events and Equine Facilities

We all know that travelling and communal stabling carries an increased biosecurity risk to our horses. We have responded to the strict FEI regulations in providing the GOLD STANDARD in event stabling disinfection to meet the requisite ‘DUTY of CARE’ deserving of the competitors and their horses. 

This gives organising committees the chance to meet the expectations of competitors and visitors with ‘Biosecure’ stabling, complete with certification and stickers put up on site.

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Racing and Stud Facilities

Equine BIO Genie was built from its relationship with the Thoroughbred. We understand the importance of respiratory health and keeping the pathogenic load to a minimum within a racing stable. 

We offer a professional maintenance program on a monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly service to keep ALL areas of stables, transport, feed rooms, walkers etc healthy, to maintain optimal performance for prep and recovery in a pathogen free environment.

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Private & Livery Yards

Whether a small private yard, or a larger livery yard, we believe everyone should have the right to keep their horses environment safe and healthy. 

With a minimum call-out fee of £150 we make this attainable, and commonly we see this split across the liveries within a yard so they contribute as a team. 

For a regular monthly treatment, the average cost per horse is only £2.50 per horse, per week…less than a coffee!

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