Streptococcus is the bacteria that causes the Strangles disease – and while most of us are familiar with how a horse presents this condition, we are naïve to the conditions in which this bacteria can survive and for how long.


Strep (strangles) can live in water in the right conditions for up to 6 weeks. Given that water is essential, and many of our horses will share communal drinking sources it is vital that we keep our water ‘biosecure’ – and our water treatment is the perfect wway to achieve this.


We offer a very economical, safe and effective solution for treating water – and while the treatment keeps the water free of harmful bacteria, it also will prevent the formation of algae and thus preventing the water from turning green. A useful time saving addition.


100 ml per 100 litres of water every 2-3 weeks will keep your water clean and clear.


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Bespoke Equine Testing

We have gone to the very well respected equine laboratory of the Irish Equine Centre to have additional efficacy testing carried out. 

We have commissioned testing done to unusually low contact times across various dilution rates. These tests were carried out using an equine serum as an interfering agent under clean and dirty conditions