Disinfectant Products

Concentrate & Ready to Use

Equine BIO Genie disinfectant EN1656 / EN1657 approved for use in animal husbandry and veterinary care facilities

  • Concentrate : To be diluted with water
  • For all-purpose use against bacteria / viruses / fungi / spores
  • Can be used fogging machines / sprayers / knapsacks / washing machines / soaking tools and equipment / dipping bits
  • One-stop solution for high level disinfection
  • Tested at the IEC
  • Used by top equine veterinary hospitals
  • Silver stabilised H202
  • No known microbial resistance
  • No chemical residue – leave in place no rinse formula
  • Tasteless / odourless / non-corrosive / non-toxic


Manufactured to a MEDICAL GRADE standard (ISO:13485), our Silver stabilised H202 concentrate disinfectant is designed to be diluted between 1:10 and 1:50 depending upon the intended use. (see chart). The aqueous solution completely odourless, colourless, non-toxic, non-corrosive, 100% biodegradable and ORGANIC compliant – these claims CANNOT be made by widely available disinfectants and the shelf life of this product is over 2 YEARS due to the extremely stable nature of the silver chemistry.

This product can be used for surface disinfection, soaking tools, use in the washing machine, dipping bits and bridles and for use in fogging and power washing machines.

Ready to Use

Our ‘ready to use’ disinfectant is manufactured to 3% H202 which can be applied direct onto any surface, material or forage safe in the knowledge that when the user or the horse comes into contact with it there will no adverse effects post disinfection. All the credentials are the same as the concentrate but in a weaker formulation. This product is very popular for travelling and for those going to stay away shows and for something to keep in the lorry when efficiency and practicality is important.