The Equine Bio Genie Science

The Equine Bio Genie Science


Aspergillus (airway restriction and bleeding)

Aspergillus is part of the fungus family and can be responsible for airway restriction in horses that can lead to unexplained under-performance in racing, eventing or general exercise. The inflammation of the lung can result in horses 'stopping' during a race. The horse can contract this through the ingestion of spores or via airborne means.

Streptococcus (Strangles)

Strangles is HIGHLY contagious and if you have ever treated or witnessed cases in your horse then you will appreciate just how serious it can be. Cases of strangles occur more commonly than most realise, because given an outbreak in a yard the owners will do everything to isolate the horses and prevent outsiders from observing the visually shocking symptoms. Strep is hardy and can live on numerous surfaces as well as in the air.

Trichophyton (Ringworm)

Another fungus, from which spores can become airborn and manifests itself as a circular shape infection apparent on the horses body. The spores can live in timber for long periods of time, so stables with wooden infrastructure are good candidates for the 'fogging' process to be sure of total surface application.

Staphylococcus (MRSA)

Staphylococcus is a Zoonotic infection (it can be passed from animal to human) and studies from veterinary practices have found cases to have been transferred from horses to humans.

Influenza 'A' (Equine Influenza)

As most of us involved in the Equine world will remember all too recently, the outbreak of Equine Influenza brought everything to a halt in 2018. We saw how damaging and infectious this can be not only to the horses themselves, but to the whole infrastructure of our sport and livelihoods that are linked to it.

The risk of contamination

Many of the bacteria and viruses can survive on inanimate objects and surfaces, so it is vital that we treat the areas and objects that come into contact with the horse such as saddles, bridles and lorry partitions.

Bespoke Equine Testing

We have gone to the very well respected equine laboratory of the Irish Equine Centre to have additional efficacy testing carried out. 

We have commissioned testing done to unusually low contact times across various dilution rates. These tests were carried out using an equine serum as an interfering agent under clean and dirty conditions