Water Treatment: The often forgotten nutrient

Water Treatment: The often forgotten nutrient

Due to the introduction of EBG Water Treatment, the bacteria levels in drinking water is reduced to far below the legislated limit for human consumption (‹ 100 μg/l). This ensures healthier water with less risk of illness due to contaminated water.


EBG Water Treatment also provides a waste reduction in terms of less water being disposed of and it is very environmentally friendly due to its harmless decomposition products (water and oxygen).


It re-oxygenates the water where algae and living organisms such as micro-organisms (bacteria) deplete the water of oxygen…and in so doing rendering the water more clear. Not forgetting hopefully saving on vets bills!


How does it work?


EBG Water Treatment works by preventing the formation of bio-film in the water ‘container/trough’ which is resistant to things like chlorine and in itself can release toxins, odour, and can harbour harmful bacteria.


Through its combination of ionic silver and hydrogen peroxide the two elements break down the pathogens and release oxygen keeping the water clear and pure with no chemical residue in the water, complying with a fraction of the permitted levels of H202 in drinking water.


What is the green slime in my water trough/bucket?
This is called bio film and is what houses bacteria. There are very few products that can eliminate bio film. EBG Water Treatment will prevent the bio film from coming back so no more slimy troughs or buckets!


Water treatment products

Bespoke Equine Testing

We have gone to the very well respected equine laboratory of the Irish Equine Centre to have additional efficacy testing carried out. 

We have commissioned testing done to unusually low contact times across various dilution rates. These tests were carried out using an equine serum as an interfering agent under clean and dirty conditions