Why Equine Bio Genie

Equine BIO Genie are the Industry leaders in Equine Environmental Health. Following unrivalled research and development, we provide the most advanced products to combat all Equine pathogens that can occur in our horses’ environment from AIR, SURFACE to WATER.


Bacteria, Viruses, Fungi and Spores can affect horses in many ways, from Thrush to Ringworm…EHV to Strangles, we have the solution to prevent and treat both seen and unseen pathogens.


As a company, we have pioneered the development of Equine Biosecurity and are the first to commit entirely to the sector with a proprietary product and a bespoke service which is trusted by many of the top studs,
training facilities and veterinary hospitals…while being accessible to the individual horse owner both at home and on the go.

Why choose Equine Bio Genie Service?

We are passionate and committed in providing the safest, most efficacious biocidal products for all those that share our duty of care to our horses and the environment we share with them.

We are disrupting the status quo, not the ecosystem.

Our Team are the most experienced in the business. Regularly servicing top training facilities and providing the very best in service and products.

Due to this unrivalled professionalism, we are proud to be the OFFICIAL Bio-Security partners to BRITISH SHOWJUMPING & BRITISH EVENTING

Why and when do we need the Service?

For good or bad, we tend to keep our horses in a stabled environment for 90% of the time. It is therefore our responsibility to keep that environment in an optimal condition in order for our horses to function at their best.

The frequency of our service varies from monthly to quarterly as a maintenance schedule, or we will visit your yard in response to an outbreak of an equine infection, disease or otherwise.


We are NOT required to display the common warning signs found on most disinfectants – namely the image of a wilted tree, upside down fish, and skull and cross bones as our products are NOT harmful to the environment and degrade to WATER and OXYGEN alone. We can claim 100% sustainability with NO chemical residue post application, and NO requirement to rinse off surfaces. 

Organic Compliant

All of our products have the very rare credential of being ORGANIC compliant – in the equine world we are the only one’s that are able to make this claim for a biocidal product.